Mission Flexible & The Wheel of Fate

Mission Flexible is a non profit that is very near and dear to my heart. 

From their website,
“We support military Veterans who are living with post-traumatic stress by providing immersive mindfulness retreats”.

In an effort to help Mission Flexible raise funds to continue doing the good work for veterans that they do - starting July 21, 2023 we will have ‘The Wheel of Fate’ available in the shop (and online) for $5 a spin. Proceeds from the Wheel of Fate will have a direct impact on veterans suffering from PTSD and will assist Mission Flexible in keeping their operation running and providing no cost retreats to vets. 

How it will work:

In the shop:

You will be able to pay $5 (cash only) per spin and the wheel of fate could land you anywhere from 5-25% off ANY product in the shop, a free mystery prize, a free spin, 10% off your entire purchase, or you could be a big fat loser. If you want to save your wheels winning for another day, an IOU certificate from The Oddity Den will be provided. 


Purchase your spin here.
Once a week all online spin purchases will take place and video will be recorded. You will be notified of your fate, and upon your request, we will send video of the spinning event. A coupon code will be provided should you win a discount, and if you win a prize package it will be sent to you at our expense. 

At the close of the year, a lump sum donation will be sent to the organization.

Another way you can help, is to donate to the organization directly - 

Donate Now

I hope you will choose to participate in some way, and remember- every dollar counts and no donation is too small.

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